Series 32 Terror in the Camp!


Series 32: Terror in the Camp!



Series 32

Terror in the Camp!

In this soul gripping message Mark graphically presents our desperate need to look away from self to Jesus in the end time…

  • One night, Jesus reminded Nicodemus, an honest seeker after truth, about how Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness and how this was a symbol of the cross of Christ!
  • As the children of Israel were bitten by venomous snakes in the wilderness death came fast!
  • The despairing shrieks of terror reverberated amidst the barren mountains!
  • There was only healing in looking at the symbol of the cross, a snake on a pole!
  • Discover the danger of focusing on our faults and weaknesses!
  • Discover the healing power of dwelling upon the love of Jesus, the cross of Jesus and the precious promises of God!


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