Series 30 The Return of Elijah!


Series 30: The Return of Elijah!



Series 30

The Return of Elijah!

In this expose’ of the dramatic last prophecy of the Old Testament about the return of Elijah Mark presents decisive truths such as…

  • Elijah is a type of God’s last day movement of destiny in the last days!
  • John the Baptist was a type of Elijah and worked and preached with the same power of Elijah!
  • The pure woman of Revelation 12 was in hiding for three and a half prophetic years and then came out to deliver the last messages of mercy to a planet in rebellion!
  • Jesus is coming again soon and Elijah has returned; do not miss his startling messages found in the book of revelation!
  • As time marches on to the climax of the ages, is Elijah now at your doorstep?


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