Series 7 and 8 Pastor’s Prodigal Comes Home!


Series 7 and 8: Pastor’s Prodigal Comes Home!



Series 7 and 8

Pastor’s Prodigal Comes Home!

In this dynamic two-part sermon series Mark, son of a pastor, shares his dramatic conversion story how…

  • God saved him from a near fatal motorcycle accident.
  • God delivered him from alcohol and an overdose of LSD
  • God kept him from going to jail for 3 to 5 years
  • God led him to attend an evangelistc series by evangelist Mark Finely that began a series of miracles
  • God led him on a trip across America that changed his life.
  • God Enabled him to go from a ninth grade education to a Masters of Divinity in five years
  • God led this former rebellious prodigal to walk in the footsteps of his dad as a pastor and in the footsteps of  Mark Finely as an evangelist. Mark is now the speaker/director of Forever Free Ministries.


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