Outwardly Religious, Inwardly Bankrupt

We chafe at the idea that we Christians today are behaving in any way like the chosen people of God- the Jews – in the time of Christ. We would never! Self-righteous? Not me! Blinded by pride? Impossible! Reject the Messiah? Not a chance! Yet, on closer inspection, we shudder to discover that the parallels … Read more

Why So Many Denominations?

In the seventeenth chapter of the Gospel of John, Jesus prayed that prayer so many Christians know about—that His followers might be one (John 17:21).  So the question naturally arises, Why are there so many different denominations and groups out there who claim to be Jesus’ followers, but who are not at all united?             … Read more

War of the Worlds

It would become the most famous radio program of history. It was the night America panicked. It all began as very unremarkable. It was a Sunday evening just like any other across America. At a few minutes past eight o clock back in the east a Sunday evening dinner was being finished and dishes were being washed. And … Read more

Prophecy in the News

PROPHECY IN THE NEWS! Many experts and perhaps majority of Americans believe that the Mass Media for better or for worse continues to be the most powerful influence and shaper of our American culture and generation. This reality must compel the Bible Prophecy student more than ever before to know how to interpret the news media in … Read more